How to care for hairless cats

While getting a pet may be as exciting as it sounds, it usually takes effort. Hairless cats require even more effort. You may be wondering how to care for hairless cats. That’s what prompted you to click this article in the first place. Below are some tips that will help you do just that.

  • Health

It is proposed that following purchase of your pet, he/she is taken to your veterinarian in under 48 hours to endorse it’s health status.

It is essential to stay aware of typical vet tests and vaccinations therefore, If your pet appears to be compromised, contact your veterinarian and follow their ideas, and if something looks awry ask your vet.

  • Environment

Hairless cats are practically exposed animals and as such they require extra thought when it comes to keeping warm. a good rule is, when you are cold, they most likely are cold too. 

A comfortable fireplace where they can cuddle up is really great. Sweaters, shirts, space radiator, warmed encased beds, warmed beds are a must for hairless cats. Hypoallergenic or hairless cats will more than likely fall sick if exposed to the cold too often, hence ensure to keep them warm most of the time

  • Maintenance

Raising these pets in a clean environment is a must. They are hairless! This means they have little or no nose hair to filter air. Hairless cats will occasionally enjoy a bath, however, using a damp towel to wipe them down is very great at removing oil slick and preventing them from getting too greasy. You can use vet prescribed Q-tips and gently clean their ear as well.

Clean their litter boxes and use preferably wood pellets since the air should always be clean.

  • Feeding

Sphynx cats and hairless cats in general will generally expend more energy, courtesy of their being hairless. We highly recommend first rate cat food to keep them strong and healthy. 

They should be free to have a steady supply of food and water throughout the day and at any given time. Raw food can be given a couple of times each day as well. Keep their food bowl a ways away from their litter box.

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