This unique looking cat is a blend of three different breeds: The Munchkin, Sphynx and the American twist. The Dwelf gets its short legs from the Munchkin, it’s bareness from the Sphynx and the unmistakable twisted ears from the American twist. the name comes from a mix of the words “dwarf” and “elf,” since the Dwelf is both short and has twisted, elf-like ears.

It will stay little all through its life, even as an adult with it mainly developing to a portion of the size of a normal feline. Dwelf cats are known to be energetic, dynamic and nearly canine like concerning their intelligent and well disposed nature. Thus, in the event that your family is searching for a hypoallergenic pet that will need to be nestled and sustained, this is all there is to it!


Appearance, Personality and Demeanor

The Dwelf has short legs and a long body, thanks to the Munchkin cats that were a part of the creation of this breed. However, the hind legs are a bit longer than the front legs, giving it a low-lying appearance.

The neck and legs are  muscular, they have a rounded abdomen, and large oval feet which feature prominent knuckles. They have a long and slender tail which may or may not have some hair on the tip. They boast prominent cheekbones rounded skull with a longer than wider head. Also, the eyes are almond shaped and large, as well as a bit slanted, while the muzzle is short and strong.

Besides, these felines are exceptionally brilliant. So they require mental stimulation as well. They have higher than average energy and love to play.

While the Dwelf isn’t 100% smooth (peachfuzz is hair!), it should be kept inside as Dwelfs are exceptionally sensitive to intensity and cold, and they can get burned from the sun.

Potential owners ought to remember that since they’re smooth, skincare is significant. Dwelfs just require one shower each week, however make certain to do so or they’ll get slick and oily. Wash them to an extreme or too often and their skin will dry out, similar as our skin.  

Dwelfs are not readily available but can be reserved on the waiting list and will be available when new litter drops.