Bambino Cats

The Bambino cat breed has two especially traits that set them apart from other cats.

  • They have very short legs.
  • Bambino cats are hairless.

While their body size is a conventional, medium-evaluated body that indicate and exhibit strength, their legs are uncommonly short like their Munchkin relatives. Besides, they are a hairless cat assortment with wrinkles overall around their body. Their tail is proportionate to the size of their body and is smooth.


As with other hairless cats, they should be washed or wiped to prevent their skin feeling oily. Also, Bambino cats should be a basically indoor cat since too much exposure can quickly make them cold or even harm their skin without the presence of a fur coat.

Appearance, Personality and Demeanor

Bambino cat on a blanket, stubby legs visible

Bambino cats are a unique looking, almost completely hairless cat that is a mix between the Munchkin cats and Sphynx cats. Bambino cats were first enrolled in 2005 when reproducers Pat and Stephanie Osborne began to really see the value in the breed and did genetic assessment to confirm that they were a strong cat breed.

Bambino cats are friendly, sensitive, warm cats that make wonderfully great family pets who love to blend in and play. Despite the short legs of  bambino cats, this does not slow them down in the slightest.

They love running around the house at high speeds, playing and connecting with everyone. They are not suited to being left for long periods regularly. However, they do just fine in homes with children and even other pets.

The Osbornes picked the name Bambino, and that connotes “baby” or “child” in Italian since Bambinos have short legs like their Munchkin relatives and are hairless like their Sphynx relatives.

Quick facts about bambino cats

  • Weight: 5 to 9 pounds
  • Length: Roughly a foot and a half
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Life expectancy: About 12 years
  • Behavior: Very playful and friendly
  • Shedding: Very low

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