Adoption Contract







Section 1 Health Guarantee

A. 72-Hour Health Guarantee:

Breeder guarantees that to the best of the Breeder’s knowledge, the Kitten is free from genetic and other health conditions including FeLV/FIV and other infectious diseases, parasites, fungus, or injury upon pick-up from the cattery for a period of 12 days.

Breeder requires that Guardian take the Kitten to their own veterinarian for examination within this 12-day period. If, within the 12-day period, the Kitten is found to have a treatable medical condition, genetic condition, or life-threating illness, it must be immediately reported to the Breeder.

For minor treatable conditions, Guardian may request up to $200 for treatment reimbursement by submitting medical records and an invoice of related charges incurred.

If the Kitten is found to have a genetic condition or other life-threatening illness, Guardian may return the Kitten and request a replacement Kitten of equal or greater value. A refund will be issued if preferred. Failure to make this report within 24 hours of its discovery will void the 12-days health guarantee.

B. Five-Year Genetic Health Guarantee:

Based on DNA testing and echocardiography performed on the Kitten’s parents, the Breeder further warrants that the Kitten is free of risk for developing HCM, SMA, PKD, and PkDef.

If, within the first 60 months of the Kitten’s life, it is determined by a licensed veterinarian upon examination or necropsy that either illness or death is the direct result of one of these four genetic conditions, Guardian shall notify Breeder and provide a written copy of the supporting medical records.

Guardian may request a replacement Kitten of equal or greater value, without being obligated to return the Kitten described herein. The Guardian is entitled to get a refund of purchase price, treatment charges, or other costs if preferred.  

C. Limited Reimbursement for Surgical Treatment of Feline Hip Dysplasia:

The Breeder further discloses that Feline Hip Dysplasia is believed to affect some 37% of the cats in various degrees of severity ranging from “minor and without symptoms” to “severe and debilitating.”

If within the first 60-months of the Kitten’s life, it is diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian to have hip dysplasia of such severity that surgical treatment is warranted and performed, the Guardian shall notify Breeder in writing, provide written medical records and diagnostic imaging, and request a $200 treatment reimbursement allowance to assist with out-of-pocket expenses. 

D. Limited Replacement Offer for Feline Infectious Peritonitis, or FIP:

FIP is an often-fatal viral infection that emerges without warning when the prevalent feline coronavirus mutates in a kitten or cat’s body for reasons that are not fully understood.

There is nothing the Breeder or Guardian can do to cause, predict, or prevent an FIP infection. The Guardian should immediately notify the Breeder if the Kitten is diagnosed with FIP so that the Breeder can connect the treating veterinarian with available expert resources, including FIP Warriors, which provides support in leveraging groundbreaking life-saving treatments.

As a courtesy, should the Kitten die of FIP prior to its first birthday, despite the provision of emerging life-saving treatments, the Breeder agrees to replace the Kitten at no charge. Shipping, travel, veterinary, and other costs are covered.

Section 2 Guardian’s Responsibilities

A) Guardian affirms that this transaction is not simply a purchase of property, but a lifetime commitment to care for this Kitten as a household pet and ensure its welfare.

If the Guardian ever becomes financially, medically, or otherwise unable to take adequate care of the Kitten, the Guardian will notify the Breeder and allow the Breeder to take possession of the Kitten and/or find it a suitable new home.

Under no circumstances will this Kitten ever be abandoned or surrendered to a shelter, nor may it be sold or given away without the Breeder’s express written consent.

B) Guardian agrees to place the newly adopted Kitten in quarantine/isolation from other pets for a minimum of three (3) days.

The Kitten should be provided ample attention during this transition and not left alone for extended periods of time.

C) All interactions with existing pets must be supervised for the first 15-days post introduction.

Small, energetic, darting kittens can activate the prey drive in dogs and older cats, by no fault of their own, resulting in disastrous consequences.

D) Guardian agrees to have the Kitten surgically spayed or neutered after its fifth but prior to its seventh month birthday, at their own expense.

Breeder has chosen to offer the Guardian a $200 reimbursement credit to help offset the cost of spaying/ neutering provided:

(i) the procedure is performed after the Kitten’s fifth month birthday and before the Kitten’s seventh-month birthday and

(ii) provided proof is submitted to the Breeder before the Kitten is seven months old.

A delay in altering the Kitten or submitting evidence that the procedure was completed within 14-days results in forfeiture of the available on-time spay/neuter credit.

E) Guardian agrees to never subject the Kitten to declawing, also known as onychectomy.

This surgical procedure involves the painful and debilitating amputation of the last digital bone, including the nail bed and claw, on each front toe.

A variety of alternatives exist to manage cats’ natural scratching behavior.

They include nail trimming, nail caps, using scratching pads and posts, using physical and chemical deterrents, an investment in appealing structures for the Kitten to use, and employing behavior modification techniques.

F) The Guardian agrees to provide—at their own expense—the Kitten with annual veterinary examinations, legally required vaccines, ongoing dental veterinary care, and immediate access to sick veterinary care upon Kitten showing any signs of illness or distress.

Guardian acknowledges that notwithstanding the health guarantees, the Breeder will not replace the Kitten if it has not received timely, adequate care. 

G) Guardian will not allow their veterinarian to vaccinate this Kitten against Feline Leukemia (FeLV) or Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP).

These are not core vaccines and it is the Breeder’s belief, based on studies done at UC Davis, that the FeLV vaccines carries an increased risk of formation of injection-site sarcomas.

The risk of sarcoma outweighs any benefit the vaccine provides an indoor-only cat that is not exposed to outdoor cats or FeLV/FIV positive indoor cats. The FIP vaccine is not only ineffective, but it has been linked in at least one study to an increased chance of kittens developing FIP.  

H) Guardian will keep this Kitten free of external and internal parasites, such as fleas and worms.

Guardian should use a topical solution (such as Revolution) and never an over the counter (OTC) solution.

NEVER flea dip the Kitten, as cats are very sensitive to these chemicals. Products made for dogs are deadly to kittens and cats and can never be used.

I) Guardian agrees to inform Breeder immediately if this Kitten ever develops any major health problems or passes away of any cause, known or unknown, prior to the age of ten (10) years.

The Guardian or their veterinarian will not dispose of the Kitten’s body until the Breeder has been contacted and allowed 24-hours to respond.

Guardian will send Breeder a copy of the Kitten’s complete medical record and permit a necropsy to be done if Breeder requests one (at the Breeder’s expense).

It is imperative that Breeder be made aware of any potentially heritable conditions for the Breeder to make important decisions regarding the continued breeding or neuter/spay of certain studs and queens. Failure to share medical records or permit a necropsy will void all guarantees.

Guardian agrees to forfeit all monies paid for the Kitten and allow the Breeder to retrieve said Kitten if Guardian does not adhere to all provisions of this Contract, or if the Kitten is being neglected or abused, at any point in its life.

Section 3 Kitten Diet

A) Breeder has provided a one-week supply of Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat Dry Kibble and Weruva kitten canned food, supplemented with Purina FortiFlora probiotics; this is the same food that the Breeder has been feeding the Kitten prior to adoption.

B) The Guardian agrees to continue this recommended dietary regimen, as instructed, until the Kitten turns four months old. Failure to do so is highly likely to increase stress, result in GI upset including diarrhea and potentially vomiting and weight loss, and completely voids the 4 months health guarantee.

C) Guardian agrees to follow the Breeder’s or their veterinarian’s food switching instructions starting ten days prior to the Kitten’s four-month birthday and to switch the kitten to the high quality, AAFCO-certified dry food recommended by their veterinarian. Wet food will be continued for the Kitten’s lifetime. If the Guardian does not want to use their veterinarian’s recommended food, there are several good quality commercial kitten foods that are of equal value that can be slowly phased in. Guardian should contact the Breeder for assistance in selecting an alternative. Do not feed Kitten a grain-free diet.

D) At 12-months, the Kitten can be transitioned to an Adult or All Life Stage diet. Guardian agrees that irrespective of brand, a high protein, AAFCO-endorsed dry food will be continued for the life of this Maine Coon. Cats are obligate carnivores and should be fed as such. A vegetarian-based diet is never acceptable for any feline.

E) Breeder requires that Guardian includes a daily portion of high protein, high quality wet food, as feeding a dry kibble diet alone can bring on more medical issues than feeding a combination dry and wet diet. Breeder further recommends the use of a stainless-steel watering fountain to promote hydration, as Maine Coons have a strong preference for running water.

Section 4 Shipping

Delivery within two hours of the cattery can be arranged for a flat fee of $100. If the Kitten must be transported further via a courier, all transportation-related costs will be paid by the Guardian.

The Kitten will only be released for transport to a courier who will transport the Kitten by private vehicle or in the cabin of an aircraft. Breeder will not release the Kitten for shipping in cargo.

Section 5 Updates

A) Breeder will inform Guardian of any changes in Breeder’s email address, street address, or telephone number and requests the same courtesy from the Guardian.

B) Guardian is encouraged to send updates, news, and photos of the Cat/Kitten to the Breeder.

Please understand that when the Kitten leaves the Breeder’s home, it is difficult for the Breeder, who has invested so much into the Kitten’s wellbeing.

Providing updates about the Kitten helps us know if we have met your expectations, as well as monitor and improve the quality of our breeding program.

Section 6 Damages and Jurisdiction

A) The Kitten is made available for sale under the provisions and guarantees set forth in this Contract.

Breeder makes no guarantee other than those specifically described above. Breeder’s total liability is limited to the purchase fees paid for the Kitten (or less, as stated above).

B) Although there are no plans at present to discontinue the breeding program, the above replacement warranties are only valid as long as the Breeder is breeding cats; all other portions of this Contract will remain valid. 

C) If, at any time, a difference of opinion arises between Guardian and Breeder, Guardian agrees all information shall be considered confidential.

If negative information about Large Coons Cattery or its owners is transmitted, disclosed, or distributed without prior written consent of the Breeder, Guardian may be held liable for all damages – including but not limited to, compensatory and punitive – and any legal fees that Breeder may incur.

D) Guardian’s failure to honor any of the terms and conditions of this Contract will result in the ownership of the Kitten being reverted to the Breeder, with no compensation due to Guardian.

Guardian may be subject to damages up to $10,000 for breach of this Contract. Guardian may also be required to pay any legal fees Breeder may incur in connection with the enforcement of the terms of this Contract. 

E) It is agreed that any legal action taken to enforce the terms of this Contract will be in Small Claims Court in Columbus, Georgia and will be governed by Georgia State Law.

By signature below, Guardian acknowledges they understand and accept the responsibilities and risks associated with choosing to purchase a live animal and AGREE TO ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS CONTRACT.